Eva’s motivation

Was Kevin born wicked, or was his cold heart the inevitable consequence of an unaffectionate mother? Do you think the answer to this classic ‘nature versus nurture’ debate—whether character is formed by environment or is innate—has to be one or the other?


Check out this article by Cambridge University Professor Simon Baron-Cohen who discusses Kevin’s case and his lack of empathy for others. What is your take on this issue?

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6 thoughts on “Eva’s motivation

  1. Traditionally Mums were at home doing the child rearing and mostly carried the child . So, they might feel closer to the child. Also that traditional role of a woman is still held by many and they make others feel guilty. Fathers can totally influence a child’s future outcomes in negative or positive ways such as getting help and/ or providing the ‘good/bad genes and nurturing or lack thereof.

  2. Born wicked, for sure! If she was such a bad mother, why did she have such a good relationship with her daughter? Brilliant book, brilliant film. Tilda Swinton was absolutely amazing in the role of Eva! OSCAR FOR TILDA 🙂

  3. I have come across many emotionally and physically abusive individuals. Some of those people were just ‘bad seeds’ from loving families and others were adults who had witnessed and endured abuse in their own upbringings. The case for nature vs nurture may forever rage on but the reality remains who we are, how we act and what we do in this world – environmentally shaped or genetically inherited – is still our own ultimate responsibility.

  4. How apt that this movie’s out this month. “November spawned a monster” as Morrissey’s song goes. @aliciaraul from Melbourne

  5. I actually think it’s a combination of both – yes he may have been born evil, but his relationship with his mother (and yes, his father too) – also shaped the person he became. The bigger question is whether anything could have been done to help him or to prevent the incident that Thursday. A hard task given the different personalities Kevin revealed to each of his parents, the incredible intelligence he possessed and of course the differing persceptions Eva and Franklin had of him. One question I found hard to understand was why Eva stayed, particularly after Celia and the eye.

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